Christine Mühlberger | works
C A M I N H A N D O | Florianopolis | Brasil, 1996


I started to walk, from the center. I walked outwards first, in a circle, my feet drawing a large spiral in the sand, getting larger and larger. Getting further from the center I walked into a smaller spirale towards a new center. From there I went back to the larger spirale, back into its center and out again. I repeated that walk 7 times in and out every day during one month. As I walked over and over again, my trace drew itself deeper into the ground as to be seen from the above as drawn into landscape. As I walked I left the trace of my being there, being with the elements, the sand, the wind, the sea and myself. Outside and inside at the same time.
Christine Mühlberger Works
That work has been documented with photographs, a video and drawings. The drawing was to be seen for a whole year before disappering into the ground