Christine Mühlberger | works
Summer of 2015. For the fifth time since 2010, I am about to start a walking journey. This time, 1300 kilometers by foot from Hokkaido (Japan's Northern island) to Tokyo. I walk every day, from 40 to 50 km, with light luggage, the route unplanned, the path uncovered under my feet. At the core of the walking act is the body, complex and wonderful, constantly changing according to its surroundings. The body, when walking, always finds itself in the dialogue with the immediate surroundings. Strong, and at the same time fragile, breathing, thankful for its own nature, as well as for its surrounding nature. Strong also because it is accompanied, supported, sometimes admonished, by the soul. Before the consciousness that the body, the I, are nothing without what is all around. I walk and draw myself in this walk, in this dependence to a greater whole, to this everlasting wonderfulness. I walk and draw in the knowledge that I am a individual who belongs to this whole.

Panorama (Japan) | 100 x 310 cm | Mixed techniques / Paper | 2015
||| Moments
||| Kimono
||| Bergsee