Christine Mühlberger | works
K U M K U M | Bangalore Artists Residency | India, 2008
During one month I walked every day 2 to 3 hours through the overcrowded city of Bangalore with its smells, noises, colours, walking always the same roads and streets, through a nevertheless endlessly changing landscape, always towards the same place: the city market. There I first spend two three hours sketching, very fast, taking part in that very busy market atmosphere, submerging myself into indian life. In a second step I took refuge in the quieter inner Hall of the market, taking pictures of the KUM KUM cones. I took hundreds of these pictures, each being part of a moment there, each significant for itself and for the whole. I finally put all the elements together to built a wall vibrating of that indian life I had experienced.
KUM KUM is the powder people put between their eyebrows for religious purposes