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My feet are light III
The pictures that are shown here were created during the third wandering experience, which I have undertaken in the context of my walk and art projects. (2011: Zurich – Genoa, 2012: Zurich – Graz, 2013: Zurich – Hamburg, 2014: Zurich – Arcachon). The starting point for this journey was, as always, my apartment. I leave it with a backpack on my shoulders, filled with the bare minimum, and good shoes on my feet. From there on, all I do is walk. I walk without a map or a prepared route. The only defined thing is the goal, the ending point, all the rest happens as it happens... I walk according to the motto: one step after another, attentive and free. I walk a lot, for long hours, intensively, 45 km a day on average. And this, every day. The path is long, sometimes hard, often happy, full of impressions and encounters. And here are the attempts to hold them on, photographs I take during my walking, snapshots of the seen, and notes taken in my diary. Hundreds of pictures are thus created, most of them in black and white, which document the way. Later, in the studio, the photographs and notes for the material that will lead me to the next action. Just as the past works of my walk projects, “My feet are light III” originated through that principle: selecting, reworking, reducing, enlarging, painting, blurring, interpreting, transforming the pictures I have taken with me, a constant experiment about the remembering of the walk, and about the transformations the path brings about. In the process of this contention - a long process that took place over months - the photographed landscapes were transformed. They brought about new forms that echo the flexibility and corporeality of the walking experience. The title of the exhibition is based on my ongoing preoccupation with themes that touch on the always changing, the volatile, the ungraspable, but the nonetheless so beautiful... My feet are light, I walk while being both grounded and floating, strong and fragile, completely conscious of my - of man's - faint. And then, nonetheless, unique and as told earlier: One step after another...
chemin faisant | Oil pastel and photographs / cardboard | 20 x 30 cm (each) | 2014
My feet are light III | Charcoal and white chalk / Paper | 150 x 1200 cm | 2014
Ecume | Soft Pastel / Paper | 100 x 350 cm | 2014
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