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The Wave

From July 23rd to August 13th 2014, I walked 900 km from the door of my house in Zurich to Graz, in Austria. This journey took place without any plan, improvised day after day. The path came about on its own, in an intention in which the immensity of time and space stand in the center. The longer I was on the move, walking, the stronger I was “on foot”. The journey became truly, in the very sense of the word, a “journey on foot”. I walked for hundreds of kilometers, alongside a river, the Drau. I have documented this walk following the water with a light and automatic photographic camera, with black and white photographs. These were later used as the basis of a picturing process, which brought worth to the dynamic of movement, of walking, of the foot.Lines, continuously repeated, put together in different manners, taken away from the remembered landscapes. They form the origin of the work titled “The Wave”. A 46 meters long drawing, 2 meters 40 tall, 92 thin stripes of paper that hang together, rubbed and mixed with white chalk. It holds traces (wood coal, oil crayon, black). An infinity of lines, that cross each other, that isolate themselves from others, that reunite, that are separated again until they come together once more... Calmness, twirl, falls, upsurge... The river, the walking, the living

Christine Mühlberger | works Christine Mühlberger | works